Who is kim hyun joong dating

Every single fan out there knew it would only take minutes to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, and it’s already a bonus to us as spoke briefly to his fans! Watching him walking away from the camp felt like he’s walking towards his new life as a new man, and I bet you, it’s gonna be a new life for all of us too, as KHJ fans!

But the effort of those who were there who traveled to a remote area, was such an effort for a fan that I’m truly proud of! THE LETTER Hyun Joong wrote a letter to his fans together with this video clip posted at his official Youtube channel, and as I watched this video my heart just simply melt away!

What was so amazing of all was that, there were over 1,500 fans out there in the cold to meet him early morning of Feb 11th which I’m sure more than what we all expected!

As early as 5am KHJ fans from tweeter were already busy tweeting that they were already on their way to see Hyun Joong and pictures started to pour out!

Their dramatic transformation can be seen in their jaws, noses, and eyes.

One insider said, "I can understand why they'd want to document their faces so much since I'd be shocked myself seeing myself so changed every time I came out of surgery.

Everyone was excited that for me it felt as if KHJ was holding a concert first thing in the morning!!

I think this is the kind of mood we all have missed for 2 years as KHJ fan!

Even among other fellow actors, A's active dating life is on the chopping block. From stars to even 'normal' celebrities, she's dated them all." B also shocked the people around him by revealing, "She dated me for three years but it seems she dated others during that time as well." 2.Kim Hyun-Joong was a diligent student in elementary school & received high scores.Things changed for Kim Hyun-Joong by his middle school days.He started working part-time since the 2nd year of middle school and, because of this, his school grades suffered. my first korean actor crush..stole my my heart with your everything;smile,looks,voice..i just wanted to enter the screen and be with you..are so handsome and good at you had more acting roles Wow Kim, am really speechless in boys over flowers your character is good if all men were like that this world would have been a better place, I fall in love with your character and when I went to read about your profile page left me with no words, but I pray that I went you one day,,,, keep up and stay blessed....Remarkably, Kim Hyun-Joong was able to save nearly 100,000,000 won (roughly ,000 USD) from his part-time jobs by his year school years.[1] During Kim Hyun-Joong's late teen years, he felt the subjects he was learning in high school were useless for his life and, consequently, decided to drop out of high school. Kim hyum joong I'm yours biggest fan from India I'm watching your all kdrama I like you so much & I youreally song "because I'm stupid" I wish to God that I meet one time in my life.Women who get breast surgery often become addicted to taking bikini photos." 3. Ever since he moved companies, he hasn't been having anything go his way.


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