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There are a few places in Word you can look to find some types of properties, but for true "variables" and other types of properties, if you can't use macros or other code, you would need to unzip the file and look at the various files in there.Places you can look within Word 2010 (no Document Variables are displayed here)... In "Backstage" - look at the File tab, Info option, and you should see some properties listed on the right. If you do not see that, go into the File menu then Options, then (say) Quick Access Toolbar.You would then make your changes, print it out again, and hand it back for another round of reviews. With Word, however, you can simply make comments and corrections to the document all while easily tracking every change so everyone collaborating can see where it is going and how it is shaping up. You can simply save your work to a shared folder or email it saving you tons of valuable time!The aim of this series is to introduce and familiarize you with the collaboration features in Microsoft Word 2013, though much of what we discuss should be available in prior versions, as well.Click that, and you should see either some builtin properties (Author, Title etc.) or some Sharepoint "Content type" properties, if you are using Share Point.

You can also follow these steps to un-attach a template.In Word 2010, you create a new document by clicking the blue File button and choosing "New".If you click "Blank document" in the "Available templates" section, Word will base your new document on the Normal template.Is there a way to list all the document variables in a MS Word document and their values so that one can look them up when using them in the document?(I'm working on MS Office 2010) Word has a number of different types of "variable", There are things known as "Document Variables", but there are other things that I will term "properties" - I'll try to list the main types below.Do that by selecting Normal (normal.dotm) as the template to attach.


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