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52 - Lafayette, Indiana Looking for someone to go through the great tribulation with,on into paradise I have a big heart.

I am very faithful,not just to my mate but to my God, Jehovah. Then Jehovah God said: "It is not good for the man to continue to be alone.

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Whether you are looking for love, making new friends, or finding old friends again, JWMatch is a great way to do just this! I thank Jehovah for allowing me to find a compatible sister on this website. go witnessing and attend the meetings when either of us visit each other.are so blessed. I have found the love of my life in Jah's organization.

I know there are many who are not as they portray, but there are those that are like me and I have found him.

I really enjoy leaving an active life, but appreciate some good...

Dating Walk is very user-friendly even for those with less internet experience.After registration you can browse through profiles of other Singles and send messages to people whose profile appeals to you.It is a bit like someone walking down the street drawing your attention but before you can even think of initiating a contact the person has past and is out of your sight. Since then we've had amazing feedback from our site members and hundreds of happy couples who have got hitched, thanks to meeting on MSF! My Single Friend was founded in 2004 by TV presenter and property extraordinaire Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for setting her single friends up.I am going to make a helper for him, as a complement of him." Genesis JWMatch is a way for Jehovah's Witnesses and interested ones to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting relationships in the real world. Wesley, Well guys I never thought I'd be writing a success story on here but I am , I've met a beautiful sister who is my best friend, she has a late teenage son who would love a father figure..a bonus!! I'm moving to the same city as my new family in 8 weeks time and will marry later this year.


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