Free unmoderated chat rooms

Jigsaw partners are all well respected in the trading industry and we regularly hold free training webinars together.At jigsaw, we want to see our customers succeed, we feel the personal touch is the best way help.I agree the teens rooms have a lot of filth in them and not just by adults preying on children. restricted internet access is better then nothing at all plus it will keep them from coming into contact with harmful chatters.I have seen discusting ads from 13 year olds asking for sex and other perversions!! Close the teen rooms or monitor them is the best thing, hosts have a way of knowing who is legit or not and can clean up the filth the kids spew in the rooms too. Parents, when are we going to step up to the plate and take action? I applaud Microsoft for their efforts to protect kids from pedophiles, child molestors and online predators.

"We have been concerned about chatrooms for a while and reached a stage where we were no longer prepared to put up with inappropriate communication," he said.

The only chat service available to MSN users in the UK will be the free instant messaging service, MSN Messenger, which is not so open and gives people more control over who they talk to.

Chatrooms on MSN's other global sites will either be supervised - or moderated - by an adult 24 hours a day, or will be on a credit card subscription-basis only.

People are very willing to help out with questions and concerns. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Forums offer an opportunity to address your MS-related questions in different ways, through the Ask the Doctor where fully qualified medical professionals will answer your questions, MSFriends where you can talk to other people with MS and MSFrontiers Travel where you can discuss issues surrounding travelling with MS.

A offshoot of Med Support Friends Supporting Friends International, this web page based, Delphi hosted, moderated forum provides a supportive, stress-free and flame-free online environment where you can discuss all manner of MS related issues. MS-LIST used to be cross-linked to but has since lost that ability due to lack of funding/technical support.


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