Dating pots mxr distortion

It's amazing how the simplest circuits can achieve some of the best results.A great, high gain transparent sounding distortion. Came to this project after building one from another site that I couldn't get to work. PCB easy to make - I used permanent marker pen - and layout of components logical and simple. I used a Tl071 (mosfet in input and output stage) op-amp, Drive pot was a 470K the resistor before the pot was 1K (give more Saturation!!

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Stackpole and CTS made the pots in large runs also, so they may have shipped pots dated earlier than the year Electro-Harmonix ordered them. Some Triangle Muff pot codes are dated 1966, two years earlier than the founding of Electro-Harmonix!Would removing them entirely do something similar, or would it only affect how the tone pots darken the sound of the instrument? This set up provides a good lead guitar sound but I don't know how these mods sound with germanium diodes.great pedal, quite simple but sounds perfect.The EIA assigns each manufacturer a three-digit code (there are some with one, two or four digits).When dating an instrument by the ‘pot code,’ keep two things in mind: The potentiometers must be original to the piece (new solder, or a date code that is off by ten or more years is a good giveaway to spot replacement pots); and the pot code only indicates when the potentiometer was manufactured!So a pot stamped 1377833 is a CTS pot made in the 33rd week of 1978.


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