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It's so unfair for them to have such discretion in auto-renewing their members with no possibility in getting a refund if you're not using the site anymore.I had met someone, therefore not using the site, but the customer service rep told me I would get no refund because her records showed that I had gotten on the site since the renewal. To hide my profile and another time to figure out how to cancel my account.

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A sign on the house gives a date of 1723 and the name John Waterman, Jr. John Breed, a hardware merchant, in the store which proved to be his business home for the larger part of his life. Prentice continued the sale of hardware specialties under the old name. In 1874 he married Harriet Bell Blackstone, the daughter of Lorenzo Blackstone, one of the mill owners.He has been judge of probate for about a quarter of a century, and was postmaster at Canterbury for fifteen years under various presidential administrations.He has been on the board of directors of the Brooklyn Savings Bank, and now for several years has been its president.Sure you didn’t really take any pictures for this write-up and sure it’s just a giant lawn in the middle of Hartford, but do it anyway. And be sure to include a random picture of a duck and turtle from the fetid park pond just below this paragraph too.” So here you have it.And even if you have walked through at least a portion of the park a million times before, I think you’ll find this pretty cool. That face, that body, that ass, those arms, the moves....somebody stop me I can go on about Derek Jeter forever.


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